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The series of books written by

Ian R Harrison

Welcome Science Fiction readers to the ‘I think, therefore I am virus website.

This series hopes to get away from the traditional sci-fi virus stories many of which follow the old ‘Ah! It’s a virus - now we’re all going to die, so how do we stop it?’ route. Viruses however have been around long before we ever pitched up on the scene, and are one of the several causes of mutations that occur in evolution. Many of these genetic mutations have turned out to be highly beneficial for the human race, and our story takes off where scientists have at last got a grip on the benefits  and scientific methods of improving human health and faculties through viro-genetic manipulation Just as today, when the public argue for and against the clashes of science and religious doctrine in the evolutionary process, so this series carries on the feud five hundred years into the future.

If you just want to know where to get hold of the books they’re here. If you want to hear a bit more about the plot click here. I’m also doing a set of visualisations of some of the scenes in the book so feel free to see what’s going on in my head there. There’s a jargon-buster if you’re a bit of a newb to sci-fi and you can always catch up with latest developments on the Facebook page.

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